Joanne C

"When my wife and I were planning our honeymoon, we were referred to Global Travels by a mutual friend. We were already so busy planning our wedding, the thought of planning our honeymoon as well became a stress point. After contacting Mike at Global Travels, we discovered that there were no upfront costs associated with the planning, and all we had to do was let Mike know our ideal honeymoon plans and he was able to put together an amazing itinerary and find us the best options for our dream honeymoon. Working with Global Travels took so much stress away from planning our honeymoon and allowed us to get away and relax after the wedding instead of worrying about the trip!"

Terri W.

Mary M.

"Easily the best experience I have ever had working with a travel agent. My assigned Travel guide Kelly asked the right questions up front. She listened well, planned and made travel arrangements thinking ahead for me. Time-frames were thought through with my convenience and efficiency in mind. Kelly earned my trust and encouraged me to make better decisions for a best possible trip. I think Kelly’s knowledge and communication skills are exemplary and matched with unbridled energy going above and beyond just for me. If you don’t love your travel agent you’re just not getting the best of what great travel offers."

"Because we use AMEX for our corporate cards, we have a lot of points that can be used to book flights. Whenever we need to book an extraordinary flight — sometimes >$10k — we reach out to see if our points can be used. Our contact at Global Travels has been an absolute lifesaver for me and our company, finding flights using points and saving our company more than $35,000 in just the last three months. Our previous TMC never offered this type of relationship!"

Philip D

"I want to express my appreciation for your agents. They are such a joy to work with and always so pleasant on the phone. Every time I reach out for help with my travel needs for the VPs, your team does an excellent job!"

David N.

"Within one week of going live with Global Travels, an agent proactively reached out to tell one of our travelers she could save us $1,094.27 on an international fare with a slightly different departure time. Our old TMC never saved us money on international flights and the agents were not experienced. Great first impression!"

Sue R.

After spending hours and hours looking for honeymoon ideas, I found Global Traverls on the internet and had a nice 15 minute phone call with their customer service. I was linked to Amy and we discussed what we liked and didn't like in trips. Amy emailed me the next day with 4 very detailed vacation plans with brochures and pricing. We agreed on all inclusive resort in the D.R. She booked us VIP and it made all the difference. When we met to get the trip documents, she gave us a lot of good insight and tips as she had been to same resort. No surprises and the whole trip went very smooth. The week at the resort was the best vacation we had ever had. VIP service got us our own concierge and golf cart shuttle service with little to no waiting. Our concierge provided excellent service and a few very nice and romantic surprises for us.

Christina G.

"I was on a United flight departing from Honolulu when the take-off was aborted due to engine trouble. With over 300 people on board, there were many people who were going to have to rebook their travel. Not only was I able to get booked ahead of the throngs of the others because of Global Travel’s quick actions, but my agent also secured the first-class seating I had requested."

Mitchele .T.

"Global Travels helped us plan a family trip to trace our roots in Portugal and Italy. They arranged group and private tours with local drivers and guides we never could have found on our own. We could not have planned – or enjoyed – this once-in-a-lifetime experience without Global Travel’s planning, expertise and connections!"

Janis D.

My daughter was in Punta Cana and got really sick. She was taken to a local clinic and we couldn’t get ahold of her. We were extremely nervous, so I called Global Travels. The agent made calls to her contacts in the area and found out exactly where my daughter was. This blew my mind. A lot of people book vacations online on their own and I would really urge them to go through a travel agent.